Videos | Creation

Pietà, Oil and Egg Tempera on Canvas on Panel, 0.80 x 2.00 m, 2014 | Detail

‣ Lucretia · The Genesis of a Portrait

Manfred W. Juergens2015

‣ Pietà · The Genesis of a Painting

Manfred W. Juergens2014

‣ Helmut Schmidt · The Genesis of a Painting

Manfred W. Juergens2014

Videos | Documentation

26/08/2010 · 1st Hamburgian Single-Painting-Exhibition in Hamburg-St. Pauli | Photography © Pavel Lavrov | Ausschnitt

‣ Katharina John · Photography | Backstage, Travel and Portraits

Manfred W. Juergens2016

‣ He is living with his paintings: Manfred W. Juergens | by Marie Marzahn

NDR TV · DAS!2015

‣ 1st Bremen Single-Painting-Exhibition | by Mathias Siebert

RB TV · buten un binnen2013

‣ Photography by Manfred Paul | by Bettina Lehnert


‣ Leisure. The felicity of idlenesss | Book by Ulrich Schnabel with MWJ


‣ 1st Hamburgian Single-Painting-Exhibition | by Susan Tratz

NDR Hamburg Journal2010

‣ The New Objectivity in St. Pauli | by Jana and Pavel Lavrov

Studio Hamburg2010

‣ Magnetic North 1 | by Jonathan Meades with MWJ


‣ Venice and the Art | Holly Snapp and Ulrich Tukur about the painter MWJ

Jana und Pavel Lavrov2005