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❯ Crows in the snow · In progress

2024 · 74 x 200 cm

This winter picture wants to tell about corvids. I have been observing crows and their social structures for decades. In our region, one primarily encounters rooks. Related magpies and smaller birds will also feature in the picture.

❯ Squirrel · In progress

2024, Oil on Canvas on Panel, 50 x 45 cm

A kid from our street recently asked me if I would also paint something political. My answer: 'How about a squirrel.' 'Oh yes, that works too!' was the happy answer.

❯ Portrait Lina

2023, Oil on Canvas on Panel, 86 x 57 cm

Her mysterious gaze first fascinated me three years ago. It was a pleasure to see that relaxed serenity on her face that said 'I know all about you'.

❯ Radishes

2022, Oil on Canvas on Panel, 53 x 48 cm

My wife has made raised beds in our garden. Radishes also grow there. It was only a matter of time before this cruciferous plant would feature in one of my still lifes. I like the sharpness of the swollen tap roots.

❯ Plaices and Dab

2022, Oil on Canvas on Panel, 52 x 50 cm

Originally, I just wanted to drink a mulled wine at the fish stand in front of the Wismar Christmas market. There they lay on ice, plaices and dabs. Tomorrow, you can get them completely with their heads, smiled the fisherman's wife. They are also very, very tasty.

❯ Still life with a Carnation

2022, Oil on Canvas on Panel, 90 x 45 cm

An art print of Joos van Cleve's self-portrait once adorned my children's room. In it I discovered one of the most beautiful carnations in painting. My wife also likes this old plant. So it's time for this carnation to creep into one of my still lifes.

❯ Kluetzer Winkel Cliffs

2022, Oil on Canvas on Panel, 74 x 200 cm

If a painter lives on the coast, he should make that a subject. May the Kluetzer Winkel be the beginning of a series of coastal panoramas. I am looking forward to this exciting journey.

❯ Water Lily

2022, Oil on Canvas on Panel, 51 x 122 cm

In art history, the painter Claude Monet stands for water lilies. Among the most beautiful water lilies I have ever seen are those of the castle pond at Schloss Clemenswerth. May this still life remind me of the exhibition 'The Soul Catcher' in 2015.

❯ Portrait Ella

2021, Oil on Canvas on Panel, 86 x 57 cm

For years I have been looking for a counterpart to my portrait ofs Bosse in the Forest. Last year I took part in 'Kunst Offen' exhibition for the first time. And suddenly she was standing in the doorway. Ella. She is nine years old and lives in the neighborhood.

❯ Still Life with Char

2021, Oil on Canvas on Panel, 53 x 48 cm

The char is occasionally on our menu. You can't just eat vegetables and herbs. That's why my doctor calls me a fish vegetarian. This still life wants to tell of what remains after the meal.

❯ Wrecked Morning

2021, Oil on Canvas on Panel, 90 x 45 cm

Some know it: You drank one over the thirst. The next morning the painful disillusionment. In 2002 I painted a still life on this subject for the first time. Since it is still up to date, I would like to dedicate myself to the topic again.

❯ Still life with Borage

2021, Oil on Canvas on Panel, 53 x 48 cm

Borage comes from the Mediterranean. In the 16th century he also reached the country gardens in Germany via France. The plant is used as a spice and medicinal plant. My friend the plumber brought them to me.

❯ Red Kohlrabi II

2021, Oil on Canvas on Panel, 69 x 77 cm

Our garden influences my painting again. There is kohlrabi again. In Vienna it is called turnip. The Swiss say turnip cabbage to him. For me it is an apple that I eat while painting.

❯ Still Life with Bishop's Weed

2020, Oil on Canvas on Panel, 90 x 45 cm

At the sight of our front yard, some neighbors think of crazy ecofreaks. But no! Not only bees and bumblebees live on, also painters! Here grows, among other things, the tasty wild vegetables called Bishop's Weed.

❯ Still Life with Rhubarb

2020, Oil on Canvas on Panel, 45 x 60 cm

I can't explain it to myself, but somehow this knotweed plant fascinates me. As a cool compote or on a cake, rhubarb is really delicious. A lot is edible, everything is paintable.

❯ Portrait Christian Redl

2020, Oil on Canvas on Panel, 185 x 193 cm

In 2004 I saw him for the first time on the stage of the St. Pauli Theater. Christian Redl is an actor and musician. For years I listen to his music while painting, follow his playing on stage and in the film.

❯ Still Life with Onion

2019, Oil on Canvas on Panel, 48 x 53 cm

Without this leek, every kitchen is boring. Bacteria are fear of them. What would a tomato without onion be? In addition, they strengthen our bones and the red onions are good for the heart.

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